Neuroed eHub support groups

A collection of support groups

  • Ready aiders foundation

    READY AIDERS FOUNDATION (RAF) is a nonprofit humanitarian youth and community focused empowerment and development program that simultaneously addresses core issues facing the youth and the physically challenged. It therefore provides them with, counseling, education, financial literacy and physical and economic empowerment. RAF program has four major components namely 1) Physical Disability-where we provide physical and economic support 2) Autism-where we provide full support to autistic children 3) HIV /AIDS-we sensitize the youth on HIV/ AIDS prevention 4) Environment.-where we take part in improvement and conservation of our environment. RAF was initially founded in response to the plight of especially needy students in Dagoretti high school who could not afford their day to day necessities .It has since been extended to the larger community. The importance of community service-compassion for and a desire to help others is a philosophy fostered in all our members. Please join us today for together we can make community life much easier and better.

    Ready aiders foundation
  • Kenya Autism Alliance

    Kenya Autism Alliance was created in 2011 and has long advocated for the cause of Autism throughout the African continent. Established by Cyndy Muchine in December 2011, Kenya Autism Alliance has grown to provide support & resources to parents who have children on the spectrum. VISION To be a voice to the voiceless, to eliminate the stigma that Autism is a curse, a shame, etc. MISSION Creating Autism Awareness throughout the African continent by walking this journey with families that are affected, and by offering hope and resources that will help shine a light to the future of our children. "I have Autism, but Autism doesn't have me!"

    Kenya Autism Alliance
  • Dyslexia Kenya organization

    Dyslexia Organisation, Kenya's objective is to promote Dyslexia Awareness. Dyslexia not being a very known thing in Kenya and yet many people (over 10% of the population) being dyslexic, Dyslexia Kenya wishes to ensure that everybody is aware of dyslexia existence and thus change the perception of the so called 'slow learners' to DIFFERENT LEARNERS. To build a World Class Organisation dedicated to helping dyslexic people in Kenya by creating dyslexia awareness among all the community members and enrich

    Dyslexia Kenya organization
  • Autism awareness Kenya

    AAK is a society made up of Parents, Professionals and Volunteers who aim to raise awareness about Autism in Kenya. Our goals are to reduce stigma, increase services and change attitudes in order to give people with autism a chance to reach their full potential.

    Autism awareness Kenya
  • Autism light inc

    Autism Lights Inc. a Non Profit Organization that is working towards creating Autism Inclusion and provision of Applied Behavior Analysis Trainings in Africa to enhance the quality of life for families affected with Autism.

    Autism light inc
  • Cerebral Palsy Society of Kenya

    Cerebral Palsy Society of Kenya or CPSK is a charitable Organization working towards the improvement of the welfare of children and persons afflicted by CP in the Country. The Society was formed in 1994 by parents and guardians of these children and has remained steadfast in its endeavor to enable as many children as possible live more fulfilling lives.

    Cerebral Palsy Society of Kenya
  • Down Syndrome society of Kenya

    Down Syndrome Society of Kenya is a nonprofit charity organization working for the promotion of the welfare of persons born with the Down Syndrome. The society was registered under the registrar of society’s Act in December 2003. Since 2002, DSSK, a parents group has continued to provide social and professional support for families and people with Down syndrome, giving information and providing practical skills through workshops, profession talks and also publications. -The Society holds family fun days for its members annually. -The Society celebrates the UN World Down Syndrome Day every year on March 21st (3-21), and this is lined to the Trisomy 21. -The Society has been very active in seeking legal reform and presented detailed revisions to Section 39 of the draft constitution that relates to persons with disability to the Constitution of Kenya Review Commission. -DSSK presented revisions to the Persons with Disability Act 2003 and gave input into the National Policy on Persons with Disability. -The Society also presented its views to the National Task Force on Special Education, and recommended a policy of inclusion of children with Down syndrome in government schools under the free primary education programme and accelerating development of special education teachers for the public schools system.

    Down Syndrome society of Kenya
  • Step up 4 Autism

    Autism advocasy,Charity, spreading awareness ,Education, support/info for others,help donations money,toys books for Kids.

    Step up 4 Autism
  • Kenya Psychology Network

    Kenya Psychology Network is a group of people in Kenya who wish to share their knowledge, experiences, questions, ideas and latest updates regarding psychology. The sharing is online, but members are also invited to meet on a weekly basis in the centre of Nairobi

    Kenya Psychology Network
  • Autism Support centre (Kenya)

    To empower persons with Autism Spectrum Disorders through training and work opportunities; create autism awareness and advocate for services and opportunities that improve the quality of life for those living with autism in Kenya.

    Autism Support centre (Kenya)
  • Differently talented society of Kenya (D.T.S.K)

    Differently talented society of Kenya (D.T.S.K) is a Psycho-Social support group of parents, caregivers, professionals, siblings and persons living with autism. The main objective of D.T.S.K is to create awareness both in Kenya and outside, provide psycho-social support to parents and children/persons on the autism spectrum, Share information and ideas and opportunities that bring the best in persons with autism, Promote autism related issues/talents as well as establish partnerships and links with governmental and non governmental organizations to promote the well being of persons on the autism spectrum.

    Differently talented society of Kenya (D.T.S.K)
  • ANDY SPEAKS 4 Special Needs Persons (SNP)

    Advocacy, Inclusion, Integration & end of stigma for special needs person in our society. Educate to end the ignorance amongst us.. we all know one affected person let it start by you! Each one, Educate one

    ANDY SPEAKS 4 Special Needs Persons (SNP)
  • Mali Autism Awareness Kenya

    Welcome to Mali Autism awareness centre ( MAAC), a society based organisation operating Kenya. The founder of MAAC is a mother of son living with on the Autism spectrum. MAAC, was established in July 2018 with a vision of creating awareness about Autism

    Mali Autism Awareness Kenya
  • Talk Dyslexia

    The organisation was set up to support Dyslexic people, focusing on those who needed practical support and information in an accessible format. The organisation was set up to support Dyslexic people, focusing on those who needed practical support and information in an accessible format. Talk Dyslexia has charity status which means we are in a specialist position to offer support to people with Dyslexia.

    Talk Dyslexia
  • National Council for Persons with Disabilities (NCPWD)

    he National Council for Persons with Disabilities is a state corporation established by an Act of Parliament; the Persons with Disabilities Act No. 14 of 2003 and set up in November 2004. The Council representation is drawn from key government Ministries and organizations of/for persons with disabilities. The National Development Fund for Persons with Disabilities (NDFPWD) supports the provision of Assistive Devices and Services to Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in Kenya to enable these individuals to function in society. The Fund gives priority to those individuals requiring assistance to function in a learning, training or work environment. Applications to the National Development Fund for Persons with Disabilities are open through out the year - Visit their offices and get your child a registered. website >>

    National Council for Persons with Disabilities (NCPWD)
  • T21 Families Support Organisation ( Down syndrome Awareness )

    Our Mission is to advocate, educate and create awareness with regards to Down Syndrome while empowering people living with Down Syndrome, their families and friends. We rely entirely on corporate and private contributions to achieve this.

    T21 Families Support Organisation ( Down syndrome Awareness )
  • Arthur's Dream Autism Trust -ADAT Foundation

    Arthur’s Dream Autism Trust (ADAT FOUNDATION) exists to provide solutions for families of autistic children and adults in Kenya, Sierra Leone and Liberia and with the aim of extending services Africa-wide. Our purpose is to aide parents in getting a timely diagnosis for their autistic children, connect with the right schools and establish a support mechanism for parents of children diagnosed with autism. The inspiration behind the Foundation are the issues faced by Arthur, a 12-year-old autistic Kenyan boy.

    Arthur's Dream Autism Trust -ADAT Foundation